martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

"And if my heart would run from her or
flee from her, be gon from her,
She'd wrap it in a nest of stars and then
she'd take it on whit her
Until one day she'd tire of it, all bored
whit it and done with it
She'd leave it by a burning brook, and off
brown boys would run with it.
They'd take it and have fun with it and
stretch it long and cruel and thin,
They'd slice it into four and then they'd
string with it a violin.
And every day and every night tey'd play upon my heart a song
So plaintive and so wild and strange that
all who heard it danced along
And sang and whirled and sank and trod and
skipped and slipped and reeled and rolled
Until, with eyes as bright as coals, they'd
crumble into wheels of gold..."

Fragmento del poema "la danza de las hadas" de Neil Gaiman

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